Hello my name is Robert I was found in a camping site called Bennisol near the Cisney Market a very
kind lady called Carol trapped me and bought me to a very special place. I am now recovering and
am going to the vets tomorrow to have a check up. I dont know what happened to my Mum or Dad
but I am grateful to be here where I get three meals a day and very nice toilet and lots of friends
who play all day.
I heard today that some very kind people in Holland called Ron and Ria are donating a great deal
of food to us through their daughter who has a big stable in Holland. I think the family must be
so kind as we are going to get lots of food so that Animal Angells can keep the campsite
strays fed and looked after.
I do not know much about this charity only that they never say NO and I am so lucky to be
adopted. I am hoping for a lovelly home, someone I can love and of course a few tipbits.
I guess I was born before all this trouble I am hoping that they will find my brothers and
sisters and we can be a family again.
My name is Robert if you would like to meet me please let me know, these are special
times and I am with special people who are feeding all the strays and abandoned animals.
Thank you for reading my story love Robert xxx