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To make a donation by bank transfer you can do it to the following account:

Animal Angells

ES98 2100 4453 8402 0018 8015

Support our Charity through your business with a regular Donation and you can have your advertising BANNER/Logo with site link anywhere on the pages you want! We don´t set a price. You just make the donation! BELOW or by BANK TRANSFER. Call Sue 696 10 30 92 (whatsapp or normal)

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There are Vets Bills to Pay
Food to Supply
Ongoing treatments for day to day health

Our Biggest Commitment is for cats. A Packet of 4 Flea and Tick pippets from the supermarket would be a great help.

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There Are Other ways That You Can Help: You could buy some food, Tinned, pkt, tubs, biscuits and drop it into the stall at El Cisne. It is only as little 29 cents a pkt. 

The animals are not fussy. But of course if you adopt one you could really spoil them.

If you collect amongst freinds we can pick it up! Just ring one of the numbers at the BOTTOM of any page.

We Are Also In Constant Need Of Good Quality Items for Our Stall At El Cisne

Summer Clothes (it´s the season)-Electrical Goods-Housewares-Tools-Garden Stuff-That thing you bought and never opened?

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We Need Pet Food
We need Loads of Cat food...(There Are More of Us)
We Need Cat Food
We Need Dog Food
We Need Dog Food

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Our Fantastic Donors: Thank you to all!

31 May 2021: The table for 4 group €40.00

29 May 2021 : Anon 6 bags of Cat Litter