We are so happy! Six guinea pigs have been re-homed in Munich 🙂

Thank you for don’t look away and rescue them…. and you don’t know what it means to us not to feel alone anymore…. we are often looked at like the weird people who see a vet with a rooster…but we love all our animals, no matter if dog, horse, cat or even a rooster….
we decided to help those animals who are often forgotten… like chicken, geese and so on, because people don’t value them as what they are, feeling beings who also need love and care. so you touched my heart by saying we are not alone… that feels so good !!! thank you really from the bottom of my heart. and thank you for giving so much for all kind of animals. the world would be a much better place with more people like you !!! 💜💜 (The nice words from the german couple who came to take all the guinea pigs with them)