Evening last night well it was dark someone took us from our mother and put us in a bag. We were so freightened then we heard a lot of noise we just clung together then we felt a huge BANG! and we seemed to have been
dropped into something.
It was dark my brother was a bit hurt, it was hot and we could see nothing.
It seemed a long time and we were panting and we heard someone say they are moving get them out. As the bag was opened we were able to breathe again.
A kind lady washed us clean and put us in a basket with some food but two of us could not see and could not eat.
Then we went for a journey and a lady cleaned our eyes and put something in that stings. We found food and water and a kind voice that said, you are okay just sleep.
We are safe now but how many more have not been saved, the Animal Angells have taken us in we are looking for homes, but we have each other at the moment and my brothers can now see.
We are so grateful and maybe we will find a loving home. Love The Bin Boys xxx