I am Buddy a two day old kitten I am lucky to be alive as is my sister.
Yesterday a wicked nasty man strangled our mother, put my
four bothers and sisters in a bag and dumped us in a large green
bin near his home in Polop we knew she was dead the string so tight on her neck.
Luckily an Angell walking her great big dog went to put rubbish
in the bin and found us two alive. We are trying to live and a very
kind lady is bottle feeding us every three hours.
We do not undetstand why he did this to us, there are vets
and there are animal sanctuaries. We really miss the cuddly
warmth of our mum and we cried all the way back to the vets
where we were checked out and made warm and fed.
As you can see we are struggling but we are safe, I hope
other little animals like us never have to go through all this.
If we make it we will send photos, be kind to animals please.
Buddy and Holly xxxx