Charley, she calls me, I have had a bad life. When I was six weeks old I was chained up and left in a field with two other dogs. Someone came to feed us a few times a week I barked and barked for my mum but she never came.

It was a long time I think I am three years old now never new what a kind
word was, never knew that someone might stroke my head and tell me
that I was safe.
Some kind ladies came one day and took me away I was so nervous
and wondered where I was going and what they would do to me.
It was a long drive but he lady kept talking to me telling me I was a good
boy she took me to a hospital and they did all sorts of things to me.
When I woke up this lady was staring at me, hello are you coming with
me now. Again we went in her car and she also talked. We arrived at
a big house and I heard other dogs barking I thought I was going to be
chained up again. No I was taken to a lovely terrace and given food and
a basket. Don’t worry she said you are safe now.
Two days later I am here and the lady calls herself a Failed Foster
Mother, I heard her talking to a friend and she said it is no good I
cannot give him away he is staying here with us, so I am nothing more
than a Failed Foster Mother.
Today I went for a walk, imagine that a walk with a collar and lead
and following these long legs through the fields, oh it was such fun.
When we came back to the house she stroked my head and gave
me a special biscuit, there you see you are safe now and you are
part of our family no one will ever hurt you again.
I put my paw out to her she knelt down and stroke my head, you are
my Charley now and in a week or so we will bath you brush you
and give you a haircut. I am still on the terrace with my basket my
food and my clean water just waiting for the next little bit of love
that I have never experienced. Am I the lucky one, these Angels
have given me a new life I wish my other friends could come here
but maybe they will.
We animals never forget and we respond to kindness and love
just as human beings do, love conquers all.
Thank you Angells xxx Charley