Hello my name is Lucia I am a black and white cat with five kittens. A lady

from Animal Angells found me living under a bin in Alfaz where I had
my kittens. Unfortunately I went into the trap she left as I was starving and
the smell of tuna tempted me to enter then bang I was trapped.
I panicked because of my five babies but soon the trap was covered up
and I heard them speaking about all five babies. Before I knew it I was
driven away, I found myself in a large pen, it was hell getting me out of
the trap but when I saw my babies I ran towards them.
It is now five days since I arrived, warm blanket basket to sleep in and
two types of food and fresh water. For the first few days I just hid
thinking terrible things but I heard soft voices and kind words. A lady
took one of my kittens that had bad eyes, when she bought it back I
heard her say, and now there is light.
Yesterday I looked around and saw two other families one very smart
mum with her rather splendid looking babies,on the other side a
beautiful white cat whose is called Freyer there she is with her five
babies very small and she is always feeding them.
I guess I have a lot to thank Animal Angells for I am safe and I heard
them talking about sending us all to homes in a place called England.
Sometimes I get bored I did not ask for this family this great big
Tom approached me, well the rest is history.
Our house is in a lovelly garden and I hear them talking about a
virus. We animals know all about the world we live in and the
suffering that goes on and it is not only people who are ill and dying
so many cats have been left because their owners have gone
somewhere else.
My mate at the campsite is also lucky as the Angells are feeding
them all and taking care of the kittens and pregnant ones, a bit
like me.Being abandoned is awful when my owner disappeared
I sat for two weeks  I was so week I just kept waiting for her to
return but she never did. Luckily I managed to find scraps near
the bin and the odd micky, but I am not a good hunter.
Now I get two meals a day a clean box and maybe I will let
them give me a hug next weebut, I am still so terrified for me
and the kittens this feeling never goes away. They have  given them names,the boys are Dandy and
Fons and the girls are Darcy Lindy and Harper one big happy
family just waiting for a loving home but I think we are safe at
last. I hope more will be taken care of just like me, if I hear anything
further I will let you know. Do you like my picture I am a big
angry but very very happy.
Love and thanks for listening to my tale Lucia Animal Angells