Foster home

Short o long term foster care is great for those who cannot adopt an animal.

If you love animals and can provide a home and the stability they need, you could help us until we find a permanent home for the dog/cat.

We will provide the food and all of the medical needs. All our dogs/cats have a chip and are castrated.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us and you will help to change the life of our friends, cats or dogs.

Donate items

All items you don’t need any longer, please bring the things to our stand at the flea market “El Cisne”. And we will sell them. You can find us there every Saturday.
We also accept food or toys for the animals housed in the shelter.

The market is an important source of founding since we don’t have any subsides or public assistance. We are only supported by private donations.
The money we collect at the market pays for the veterinary care (injury or illness, spay-neuter, feedings and housing, equipment and care for behavior, training and market support.)

What else can a Volunteer do?

-Hold a neigbourhood drive for items on the shelter wish-list

-Visit-call local businesses to ask if they want to collaborate through donations or become a sponsor.

-Request help from local press to spread the shelter and adoptions of dogs and cats

-Spread information on social media about our Animal Shelter, adoptions and events.

-Coming up with new fundraising ideas


Do You want to help us?

Fill out the form and we will contact you


Become a Volunteer

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future for these amimals.